Opportunity and Success

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Introduction (44 words)

It is well known that a museum is a building to display a collection of artistic,historical,cultural or military objects. ndoubtedly museums can have a variety of purposes in the city; I think two roles the museums play can illustrate they areworth visiting.

Body1 (89 words)

Visiting museums is informative. (topic sentence) Once I visited a military museum的in Beijing,China, soon I learned that an ancient warrior might have outfought his enemies in combat if he had had great strength while a modern soldier should be armedwith sophisticated weapons.Therefore present soldiers should spend far much time on的studying modern technology instead of building up muscles. Likewise, If you visit other museums, you will have a better perception on a certain field, because you 的can witness some genuine objects which cannot be seen on books.

Body2 ( 65words)

In addition, a museum can function t(转载自第一范文网http://www.diyifanwen.com,请保留此标记。)o cultivate one's sense of patriotism.(topic sentence) In china, schools often organize trips to some historical museums. When the students 的learn that many years ago, a number of countries invaded China robbing treasure and killing Chinese civilians, promptly they will establish a strong sense to defend the nation, revealing that only a strong motherland can give them pride and safety.

Body3 ( 74words)

Now we talk about how to fund a museum. A museum can never be considered as a financial burden to society. I suggest that the Government should invest a small amount of money on advertisements for the museums in the city. For example, ads of the museums should be forwarded on the travel brochures or maps of the city. Consequently tourists come and admission tickets are collected. Both reputation and funds are earned. Conclusion (23 words) In brief, museums should play a role as an instructive means of the city and incomes from admission can keep them running properly.